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Picture in Picture. 1,184 Members online 253K Discussions 42.2K Solutions. More Options. ***Announcement: Welcome to the new Verizon Community! We have merged our Wireless and Fios Communities to bring you the best place to discuss any Verizon product or service, along with all things tech! We have many new features to discuss with you in the ...I have turned the box off, waited and turned back on and it still does the same thing.I just HAD to thank you for this post!! Here I am thinking great, we need a new tv, and right before Christmas when I can't afford one. Everything was black and white on my screen out of nowhere, I did a reboot, checked all connections, you know, went through all the "stuff". Didn't help. I tried calling Fios and they were closed.this is not really a Verizon problem but I hope someonewould be willing to help a "low tech" old guy like. When I play a DVD, all I get is a black and white picture, no color. The DVD player was working fine the last time I used it, about 2 weeks ago. All of the cables are connected tightly and, y...An Accepted Solution is available for this post. 05-29-201807:25 PM. The picture on my tv is very small, seats on the top left-hand corner of a 50" tv, I was pressing buttons on my remote, I don't know what button I pushed to make the image so small. I need guidance on how to use the remote control to restore the image to fit on the whole tv.Verizon FiOS TV, Internet, and phone QIP7232, IMG 1.8, Build 02.54 Keller, TX 76248. 2 Likes Reply. Correct answers are available for this post. ... As Keyboards said, that is an SD box, so you will never, ever get an HD picture from it, you one of the HD boxes. How long have you had the QIP2500? Verizon has stopped distributing those, you can ...The Fios One boxes do more processing on the signal than the older boxes did. They did that to help improve picture and sound quality and it does result in more delay than previously. But as gs0b says, the delays come from a lot of different places along the line. There is no way to tell why your neighbor sees less delay than you, nor is there ...When I came home this evening, my sone told me the TV upstairs had black all around the picture. So I go upstairs and sure enough the picture is very small, about 25% of the screen. I tried a few menu items and noticed that when in the guide and the pciture moves to the upper right corner, exiting f...Re: My TV screen is cut off at the top and bottom? tns. Master - Level 2. 09-11-2011 12:12 PM. Possibly you pressed the aspect key on the remote (# key).We have a SONY 4K tv and just switched to Fios from COX. Our image quality was terrible - sharpness, color, etc - after the initial setup and couldn't believe I was watching Fios at all. After going through the settings in the Fios box and examining the video settings the image was set to 2160p, and scaling it down to 1080p made the color …I just upgraded my service to Quantum TV (one VMS and 2 clients) with a new Fios Quantum Gateway router and the picture quality on all 3 TV sets is now worse on HD stations--as if the picture is at a lower level of resolution, less detailed, less sharp. ... We've just upgraded Verizon FiOS to Quantum 50/50 Internet and Quantum TV. As soon as ...Yesterday morning everything was fine. Then yesterday afternoon when I turned on my TV, everything had changed. The HD channels are fine, but all other channels are stretched and blurry. I have not changed any settings. I have a 52 inch LCD TV running 1080i in wide mode. I did see a notice that Veri...Hi, all - I have the Fios TV One STB, a Samsung TV and an Onkyo receiver. My setup was box to receiver through HDMI, receiver to TV through HDMI, and it always worked fine. Recently, the sound would be fine but there would be no picture. I would pull the power, reconnect, and it would be fine. I ...01-29-2016 07:44 AM. Hello, I am a FIOS TV subscriber in the Philly suburbs and for some reason over the past few days I am no longer getting any picture on certain channels. Channels affected are 754 (Nick Jr.), 757 (Cartoon Network), 770 (BET) & 771. I can get sound perfectly but the picture is black. Haven't had this problem before a couple ...If the problem continues, disconnect the DVD player or VCR from the TV and reconnect, making sure the connection is tight. No picture. Make sure the TV's power is on. Press the TV's power button. Ensure that the TV's is firmly plugged into a working power outlet. See if the power outlet is controlled by a wall switch.Line in Picture. blipskky. Newbie. 11-03-2014 07:17 AM. I have a white line running the length of the TV. I assume the set was damaged by kids etc... However, I switched sets and the line is starting to appear on a brand new set. Is it possible this is something caused by verizon equipment?Verizon is the only company in the U.S. to bring 100 percent fiber optics straight to the home, delivering America's top-rated broadband with download connection speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, as well as more pure HD TV channels, amazing picture-and-sound quality, and interactive capabilities that cable can't match.Poor SD picture quality (on an HDTV) has been my biggest dissappointment with FIOS TV since I signed up last September. Having just come from Comcast, it was obvious from day 1. It was so bad compared to Comcast I had before, I almost cancelled. HD picture quality on FIOS is excellent.If all else fails, contact Verizon's Technical Support once more at 1-888-553-1555. Also, if you have questions on your account or need to switch out the set-top box and there is a Verizon FiOS store in your area, then they can help you. For technical-related matters, though, they'll connect you right through to Technical Support.By setting the Video Format to 2160p in the Fios box, you are making the Fios box do the upscaling your TV needs to display a picture in 4K. If you set the Fios box to 1080, the TV uses it's built in upscaler to create an image. The downside to that is when watching real 4K content from the Fios box, it will only be 1080p.Over the past two months, I have started seeing charges on my bill for picture/video messaging. I use text messaging, but I do not knowingly send picture/video messages.Make sure the input on the receiver is set to 4K 60P 4:4:4, then try setting the Fios box to 2160P in the user menu on the Fios box, move HDMI from TV to receiver and try again, using the new settings in the receiver. Also try unplugging power for the receiver for 3 minutes, then re-plugging it to see if that helps.Find the FioS TV lineup for your area by navigating to, clicking on Services, then FiOS, and then selecting FiOS TV, choosing Plans & Channels, scrolling to the...Dec 23, 2008 · 12-23-2008 02:11 PM. No Motorola DVR from any cable provider supports picture-in-picture, and no picture-in-picture support is planned. The hardware in Motorola's new QIP7216 is incapable of supporting PIP. The hardware in the older QIP6416 could theoretically support that feature, if Verizon were to "dumb down" their interface to free up more ...We've added a treadmill in our playroom and when it is in operation the picture/audio does not display on our main tv in family room. We receive the following: message - call 1-866-962-1946 and enter quick code 8801--0199 then states our unit address. This is an hd cable box/TV that is having the p...During the first 2 months of my Fios service I was getting random picture and audio dropouts a few seconds at a time. Sometimes it would be only a couple. Other times it would happen repeatedly every few minutes. Seemed mostly to happen when watching live HD broadcasts of sports on NESN or ESPN.I keep calling and emailing Verizon about the two local access channels that have no picture, just sound. I can't get them to fix it. How do I get Verizon to fix this problem. Thank you for your help.Kudos to gknee on 9/10. The ability for the STB to fully support PIP exist and is provided by competing cable systems. My sister in law lives in CA and subscribes to Cox, they use the Scientific Atlanta STB that fully supports PIP. As gknee mentions, we'll see if Verizon is truly as customer orie...Upgraded to Quantum about two weeks ago. Suddenly I'm getting freezing on one TV. No pixelation problems. The picutre just feezes like I hit Pause on the DVR, except I'm watching live TV. When I push Channel+ and Channel- it goes back to proper operation. I haven't changed any settings since install...Enthusiast - Level 1. 01-04-2018 04:23 PM. WATCHING A PROGRAM AND WENT TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL. PICTURE FROZE. REBOOTED THE BOX BY PULLING THE PLUG. WAITED A HALF HOUR THEN PLUGGED POWER CORD IN. NO PICTURE BUT HAVE AUDIO. I CAN CHANGE CHANNEL AND HEAR DIFFERENT AUDIO BUT NO PICTURE.Verizon needs to get up to date. The problems with PIP reside in the STB. Assuming you have a 2 Tuner STB as I do, you already have the ability to tune into 2 shows at the same time. That is the feature that allows you to watch one program while recording another or record two programs, etc. Wha...It was so bad compared to Comcast I had before, I almost cancelled. HD picture quality on FIOS is excellent. I read a couple of posts on the internet and I changed the SD settings on my DVR from 480i to 480p and it resulted in a dramatic improvement in picture. quality. SD picture on my HDTV went from "unwatchable" to just "okay or watchable".Depending on packages and equipment, we are now facing price increases for degraded service (the original clarity of sd on FIOS vs. DirecTV was the reason I originally changed). Can't even get a glimmer of recognition when discussing possible replacement of 6400 series boxes with new (even though reported problems with those make me want to ...DISH offers affordable satellite TV with a top-shelf DVR. DISH offers a sweet three-year price guarantee and one of the best DVRs available, but picture quality is unreliable, and you’ll miss out on regional sports networks. for first-time customers. Call 1-833-970-0845 to ask a rep about current deals and discounts.Well, Ii receive two Verizon packages and they are both the oldest STBs that Verizon offers. Yes, the old 7100s, first version. I looked them up and they are 3-5 below what Verizon offers. Based on this I want to rid myself of FiOS TV services and only stay with phone and Internet.I am experiencing picture freezes and lsoo of audio every day and it is not related to wiring or connections. I have 6 boxes, one of which is the multi-room DVR and it doesn't matter which box I'm watching on, the problem occurs on all channels. This is extreemly frustrating given the cost of the FiOS service.Renan - if you want your non-HD ("SD" for standard definition; 001-300s on FiOS) channels to be in "full screen" (fill the screen on a 16:9 widescreen TV), then all you have to do is go into your FiOS set-top box menu, scroll to settings, scroll to video settings, select "SD override," and then select "Stretch" as the SD video option. That way, your 4:3 SD (non-HD) programs on non-HD channels ...Can someone please explain to me why I apparently receive two differently formatted signals on different channels? For example, I tune to some channels, and it seems to be in wide screen format, leaving a black bar top and bottom about 1.5 inches in width. However, when I switch to other channels, I...DISH offers affordable satellite TV with a top-shelf DVR. DISH offers a sweet three-year price guarantee and one of the best DVRs available, but picture quality is unreliable, and you’ll miss out on regional sports networks. for first-time customers. Call 1-833-970-0845 to ask a rep about current deals and discounts.What sets these two providers apart is that Optimum offers both cable and fiber internet connections, whereas Verizon Fios focuses solely on fiber internet. In terms of pricing, Optimum offers internet plans starting at $40 per month, whereas the cheapest offerings from Verizon Fios start at $24.99 per month.I'm brand new to FiOS and to HD channels. I had TV through Dish and found that the "partial zoom" setting worked fine on all channels. Now I'm suddenly forced to figure out how, with Verizon's HD/DVR STB, to fill most or all of the screen without undue distortion. As I understand it, there are five different variables to manage: 1. 1080 vs. 720.Television picture is fine, but there is no sound. I tried unplugging TV and Motorola box (and waiting 15 secs) problem persists Any ideas on how toRecently, when you turn power on the tv, the picture and sound appear and then go dark and silent for about 20 seconds. Then, it comes back for about 10 seconds and then goes back off about 20 seconds. I have tried unplugging tv,hdmi, deleting dvr programs which was about full, chatted on live chat with Verizon, still can't figure out what is ...I have tried to connect my SD STB to 3 different tv's using the composite cables and on all the tv's the picture is too big. It is almost like it ... The picture size was fine a few months ago when using Cox. Just since the switch to FIOS has there been a problem with it. 0 Likes ... Follow Verizon Fios. facebook-official; twitter; Site Map ......

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I'm brand new to FiOS and to HD channels. I had TV through Dish and found that the "part...

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The FiOS STB does not support picture in picture. There are a number of threads on this in this forum. Suggest you search for...

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Hi to all. I'm getting very frustrated with this. I had FIOS installed on December 16. Right a...

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